Anna Landre, a student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Anna at her studies

Anna in her apartment

Anna being sworn in as Commissioner of her Advisory Neighborhood Council

Robin Martinez, Powerful Patient and

Mike Lawing, Powerful Patient

Today we talk with Anna Landre, a student at Georgetown University who declares in a February 2019 article in The Hoya “The United States’ disability social safety net is profoundly broken. Although Medicaid was created in 1965 partly to provide disabled Americans with health care, today’s beneficiaries face constant cuts in services and discriminatory regulations that harm their quality of life.”

Anna, the valedictorian of her high school graduating class, is described by her principal as “…one of the most intelligent and gifted students to graduate from the high school… she never lets her physical limitations impede her.” She has served as an advocate for disability rights and inclusion since an early age. She has endured humiliation in court from a team of corporate insurance company lawyers as she fought for her need for aide services. Anna realizes that struggles of this type will likely be an ongoing situation as she and others with disabilities are forced to fight for access and adequate care.

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As the Georgetown commission, ANC 2E reviews all development in the historic district and all local liquor licenses. It has worked to improve parking and traffic; to repair streets and sidewalks; to gain a citizen voice into street closings for things like utility cuts, road races and movie filming; to increase public safety; and to recognize outstanding contributions to the community.

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