About Mike Lawing

I am deeply honored to serve as a co-host on Powerful Patient with my dear friend and mentor Joyce Graff. As a long-term survivor of kidney cancer (since 1997), I can appreciate the fact that we as individuals need to equip ourselves to be as well informed as possible in dealing with medical situations that confront us. As the healthcare industry is moving forward at an unprecedented pace in new technologies and treatment protocols, the need for people to make choices on care facilities, doctors, and procedures are becoming increasingly complex. While increasing numbers of medical practitioners are realizing the importance of better communication with families and patients, there are still those skilled practitioners who for any number of reasons do not always give adequate information. Despite attempts to proactively increase the amount of communication and pertinent information available to patients by the medical community, the sheer workload and time constraints placed on many healthcare providers often cause the patient and family to have unanswered questions and concerns.

Mike Lawing on guitarWhen I was first diagnosed with cancer in 1997 there were many unknowns about my particular cancer in the medical community. Fortunately my original surgeon took the time to explain to me as best he could what was known about this particular cancer. Despite the lack of treatment options and a fairly grim prognosis, I and my family at least knew what we were dealing with. Today, while there are many treatment options for this type of cancer, there are still substantial areas where little is known about which treatment will work best, what side effects to expect, and a host of other issues. For this reason, a strong relationship exists between my medical team, me, and my caregivers. My initial care team instilled in me the necessity of being an informed Powerful Patient for my own benefit and well-being. That necessity continues today as a valuable tool of survival; it should continue for each of us no matter what our medical condition or challenges. All of us will benefit from learning how to better advocate for ourselves and our loved ones in matters of healthcare.

I encourage you to take time to listen to our podcasts on Powerful Patient; both the latest ones and those in the archives. There may be a nugget of truth in one of those that will be of great value to you or someone dear to you.

As I conclude, the Best of Success to you as you strive to become a more Powerful Patient!

Warmest Wishes – Mike Lawing